Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hard time

I had a really hard time in my review. It is really very stressful and I don't have time for myself. I cannot even relax, all I think is how to pass the exam with flying colors. I had tried to have a one on one coach in speaking and guess what happened, I paused for about 15 seconds thinking of a one word and I it really give me a hard time. I think I really need to practice my speaking and review some vocabulary that I can use in the exam.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Being in a dormitory means you are being independent and alone all by yourself but for me it is so great to be on my own. I manage my own money and I can also save money for my future needs.

Anyways in my review this past few week I had a hard time in writing subject where I discuss the steps in refuse sorting. I do not have any idea what it is all about. I need to read books, articles and some current events for me to write a better essay and for me to pass the exam needed for me to have work in other country.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

it's getting hot in here

I wake up early because it is hot in our room, the electric fan does not do the job of making my body cool. I am so very sleepy right now and I hope my review will be finish early so that I can sleep and take a rest.

Anyway my father will be arriving tomorrow and I am so very excited to see him again after ten months of not being with him because he needs to work for us to have a good education. I am so very emotional today. Haha.

I am thinking of having my own business but I don't have any ideas of what business I will have. Can you suggest me something?

Monday, June 7, 2010


It is my first day here in my dorm and I am all alone in here. I am so excited to see them, what are their personalities also their stories. I want to have new friends and I am so excited to see my long lost friends way back in college but he mere fact that I will be away from my LOVE, thinking of it makes me feel so sad and lonely. I will surely miss him but I have to do it because it is for our future. I just wish that my stay here in the dorm will be great and memorable.