Saturday, December 19, 2009


I got irritated to my boyfriend because i was going to help them re-insert the I.V but when i went to their station, no one has prepared the things that i will be using. And then when we got there, i needed a splint so that the IVF won't dislodge again, i told him to get a splint in ER but because he was lazy to go there , he gave me splint for adult. I got mad and went down to ER to get one. When i came back, no one assist me in inserting the IV, and because I'm a bad girl, i went down in ER ans never insert that IV again.

It's already 6am and I am waiting for him, and when I saw him I got irritated again to his face. I walk home alone and when i get a glance at my back, there he is, trying to walk fast to talk to me and then he saw me at the tricycle and I looked at him madly and cuts my eyes on him.

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