Friday, February 5, 2010

Argue again

Me and Jaypee went to POEA this morning to check for any vacancy or any job opening for us (nurse / caregiver / nursing aide). We are kind of stressed to go abroad because of the situation and alao because of our families. I know they want us to have a good life but honestly i am not ready yet to work outside the country. I am currently enjoying my life here in the Philippines but as a good daughter I needed to obey my parents and I don't want them to be disappoint.

After POEA, we decided to go in SM Manila to eat. We haven't decided where to eat and this is the cause of our war. I am very hungry that time and i got irritated to him because he doesn't know where to eat. I want to eat at aristocrat and he said many things so i got mad and went down because he said he wanted to eat in shakeys. I hide from him and then he called me and I don't answer the phone until he went outside and said that he will go home na lang, and then i called him and said "you go inside, i'm here" and then to finish the story we eat in aristocrat. Yeah i won!

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