Thursday, May 6, 2010

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I have heard this stories a couple of days ago that in the hospital that I am working there is a ghost. Well that is not a new story, I think every hospital in the world have ghost in it. Imagine patient died in the hospital, so you would be expecting The road gladdens the obsessed ghost. . Obsessed ghost because I heard that one of our staff nurse in the hospital has third eye, meaning he can see ghosts and everything and I heard that the obsessed ghost followed him when he is going home, when he eats and when he sleeps. I think that the ghost likes him, but to be honest he is not that good looking. It is so very creepy to think of that ghost following you around and I am very lucky of not having a third eye, if I had that I am going to die, and I am serious.

So whenever my co-workers have night duty this past few days, they are all scared that they might see ghosts walking around in the hospital. Right now while I am typing this entry ( to think that it is already 4am ) I am very scared and I have goosebumps all over my body. I pray that I won't see a ghost here in our house and I hope my prayer is working.

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