Thursday, October 8, 2009

A new day has come

I just started my new blog today. It is the new and improved me. Anyways, I have colds and I'm not feeling well. I hate this feeling, I just wish my colds will be gone. Been at work last night and it was very toxic night for me, first I was sick and I can't interview because my voice is like a disaster and second I am not feeling well. Thanks to Glaiza, she understand my situation and help me through the whole night.

Me and my boy toy are not in good terms, because last night his patient have decided to withdraw the mechanical ventilator and that is called mercy killing. He was so exhausted last night and I do not help him. Even though he didn't say a word to me but I can feel in his action that he was mad at me. don't know what to do.

And now I'm awake and still not feeling well. I just finished eating my brunch (sinampalukang manok) and it's very delicious.

Hope that my day will be happy and productive. I need extra cash for my neccessities, so please bear with me. haha :) till next time.

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