Tuesday, October 13, 2009


back from Pampanga and Subic last night. So happy because its my first time to go there, but I'm still irritated because of my colds, its started last week and it is really annoying. Sometimes I wish that my nose would be gone so I do not experience it again, but it not really gonna happened, right??

Anyways, me and my boy toy are not together, hes on duty while I'm on vacation so for making my story short, I'm not that happy because I'm not with him. So, Subic is really amazing, the water are clear, the sands are so fine and the venue is okay, its so cold to swim that night so after we swim, we all had cough and colds and when we are travelling back home, I had this congested colds that it lasted my whole travel. Poor me.

I have had enjoyed my vacation and hope it gonna happen again in the near future with my boytoy :)

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