Saturday, August 14, 2010

wrong man.

It really hurts me a lot to know that you had lie to me. That you had admitted that you had a special someone in your life. It really made me sad and depressed, I think for 2 days. You tend to forget me and told me that we cannot see each other because your girl-friend was hurt knowing that we had a friendly date last Wednesday, even though she is still in troubles with her ex boyfriend.

And I was so stupid because I think I fell for you, we only met for only 4 days and what am I feeling? Is this is love of I only like you. D*mn. But I still miss you. I cried yesterday because I am used texting you if we have free time, laughed at your jokes and had goosebumps if you said something sweet. I hope you realize that I am here, still waiting for a man that can sweep off my feet and I thought it was you but I was wrong.

I think I should move on and forget you before I lose control of falling for you.

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