Friday, September 3, 2010


Tomorrow is my most hated day, why? Because it is my examination day in IELTS and the venue is in Tagaytay, this said exam can change my future to a mouch better one. I hope I can pass this test so that I can help my father financially. I want my father and my mother to be together as they get older. Is that sweet?

Also I want to work in abroad to gain more experience and to meet different people. I also want to gain more knowledge and gain more friends. I want to try different foods and dishes. I want to travel but before that I need to work harder, so that I can earn money and visit different countries and learn about their cultures.

So please include me in your prayers that I can pass this important examination of mine. Thank you guys. :)

Maybe after my examination I can have a whole body massage plus foot spa so that I can relax.

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